Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aidan Crowe - Rehearsal Diary

Following Dorothy's week one summary - Limerick's own Aidan Crowe has stepped up to the plate to drop the Bottom Blog a few lines. Aidan, who plays Spaz, studied theatre in Wales for three years and is now back in his native town and we at Bottom Dog are delighted to have such a talented local lad on board.

Oh and for those who question why no-one has written anything about week 2? Well, the less we speak of that the better...

"Aidan Crowe - Rehearsal Diary

Week 3: 

After what seems to have been a heavy weekend of rugby, weddings, chest infections, fancy dress and 3D glasses (which rock!!) we returned to our home at 36 Cecil Street to get into what is our last week of rehearsals. And so went the day of guns, killings, stabbings, snortings and snoggings. To polish it of we did a run which was great if a little daunting seeing as everyone sitting in the audience had a pen and notepad. One week left...

New scenes!! And Mike said he had finished it already. Ha! Good scene which really adds to the overall piece though so we wont revoke his writers licence just yet! Spent the day working through Act 1, polishing things up and ran it in the afternoon. My god alot of stuff happens in act one!!  Day finished on a great high in the White House pub watching Dorothy (or eleventyfour in her songwriter guise) perform to a somewhat masculine crowd. Sweet voice. Great songs. Watch this space people!!

Act 2. The shorter act! Strange to think there wasnt going to be an interval now. Poor Liam must be wishing he was a lead in a shakespeare play. He could take act 4 off!! Have a break, cuppa tea maybe!! Not in this play which is relentlessly pacey! Another good day finished off by a good run of the full play under the watchful eye of John Murphy. Did we make him smile I hear u ask? I thinks so...Bring on the feedback and a Thursday of playing with blood...and we get paid for this..."

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