Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dorothy's Diary

One of the things we are most excited about at Bottom Dog Theatre Company is working with new people and new talent - and bringing that talent to the Limerick audience. 

As I said in the last blog we really have an excellent cast in rehearsal at the moment. Though she has worked with most of Ireland's theatre companies - Dorothy Cotter is a new face to Bottom Dog and she has jumped on board wholeheartedly - even to the extent of sharing her rehearsal diary exclusively on the Bottom Blog.

The first three updates are below - and if she survives week two - we hope to coax her to share the rest of the journey! Keep watching.

"Dorothy Cotter's Rehearsal Diary
(The Revenger's Tragedy)

Day One

Introductions all round. Nice bunch of people. First readthrough. Great script. On the lunch break I found a blade in the ladies loo, a mint on the pillow would have been nicer. Welcome to Limerick.

Day Two
Initial blocking begins. A good days work. Went to see Don Juan In Hell at Belltable @ 36 Cecil St. Great performances and my first look at the space we'll be playing in. Bring it on!

Day Three
By lunchtime I have been dragged, slapped, pushed, shoved, kicked and shot. Good times. If you haven't heard from me in a few days, call my agent...and then the authorities. dancing and a photo shoot. The glamour is blinding.

- Dorothy"

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