Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aidan Crowe - Rehearsal Diary

Following Dorothy's week one summary - Limerick's own Aidan Crowe has stepped up to the plate to drop the Bottom Blog a few lines. Aidan, who plays Spaz, studied theatre in Wales for three years and is now back in his native town and we at Bottom Dog are delighted to have such a talented local lad on board.

Oh and for those who question why no-one has written anything about week 2? Well, the less we speak of that the better...

"Aidan Crowe - Rehearsal Diary

Week 3: 

After what seems to have been a heavy weekend of rugby, weddings, chest infections, fancy dress and 3D glasses (which rock!!) we returned to our home at 36 Cecil Street to get into what is our last week of rehearsals. And so went the day of guns, killings, stabbings, snortings and snoggings. To polish it of we did a run which was great if a little daunting seeing as everyone sitting in the audience had a pen and notepad. One week left...

New scenes!! And Mike said he had finished it already. Ha! Good scene which really adds to the overall piece though so we wont revoke his writers licence just yet! Spent the day working through Act 1, polishing things up and ran it in the afternoon. My god alot of stuff happens in act one!!  Day finished on a great high in the White House pub watching Dorothy (or eleventyfour in her songwriter guise) perform to a somewhat masculine crowd. Sweet voice. Great songs. Watch this space people!!

Act 2. The shorter act! Strange to think there wasnt going to be an interval now. Poor Liam must be wishing he was a lead in a shakespeare play. He could take act 4 off!! Have a break, cuppa tea maybe!! Not in this play which is relentlessly pacey! Another good day finished off by a good run of the full play under the watchful eye of John Murphy. Did we make him smile I hear u ask? I thinks so...Bring on the feedback and a Thursday of playing with blood...and we get paid for this..."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dorothy's Diary

One of the things we are most excited about at Bottom Dog Theatre Company is working with new people and new talent - and bringing that talent to the Limerick audience. 

As I said in the last blog we really have an excellent cast in rehearsal at the moment. Though she has worked with most of Ireland's theatre companies - Dorothy Cotter is a new face to Bottom Dog and she has jumped on board wholeheartedly - even to the extent of sharing her rehearsal diary exclusively on the Bottom Blog.

The first three updates are below - and if she survives week two - we hope to coax her to share the rest of the journey! Keep watching.

"Dorothy Cotter's Rehearsal Diary
(The Revenger's Tragedy)

Day One

Introductions all round. Nice bunch of people. First readthrough. Great script. On the lunch break I found a blade in the ladies loo, a mint on the pillow would have been nicer. Welcome to Limerick.

Day Two
Initial blocking begins. A good days work. Went to see Don Juan In Hell at Belltable @ 36 Cecil St. Great performances and my first look at the space we'll be playing in. Bring it on!

Day Three
By lunchtime I have been dragged, slapped, pushed, shoved, kicked and shot. Good times. If you haven't heard from me in a few days, call my agent...and then the authorities. dancing and a photo shoot. The glamour is blinding.

- Dorothy"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Revenger's Tragedy - Week 1

It's been a busy week for all of us here at Bottom Dog, but we're finally catching our breath and have some time to update you to how our first week's rehearsals have been going.

The first read through of the play was great fun with all our production team in attendance.  I think we were all surprised how funny such a dark play and subject matter can be. Our director, Myles Breen (who's hit show Language UnBecoming A Lady will return in 2010) has been teasing out character details while giving basic blocking the main focus to get an idea of how the show will look. There's been a lot of laughs thus far and the atmosphere in the rehearsal room has been relaxed and enjoyable. Everyone is on the same page which makes moving forward much easier so things are progressing nicely. Mike Finn has been in everyday making small changes whenever needed and has been a great asset for the actors.

I have to say we've assembled a truly great cast for this show.

No stranger to Limerick audiences Gene Rooney is back with Bottom Dog having appeared in our Macbeth reading during Four Bloody Plays. Limerick audience's will remember Gene from the recent hit of the Dublin Theatre Festival Buck Jones and the Body Snatchers - which debuted in Limerick last year at the Georgian House in Pery Square. As well as Pigtown, The Taming of the Shrew and Lovers (Island), Gene was most recently seen in Excess Baggage at the Belltable this summer.

Flying the local flag alongside Gene are fellow Limerick actors Pat Ryan (Alone It Stands) and Aidan Crowe (The Midnight Court) who have both had us in stitches already. Paschal Scott (Killinaskully) and Dorothy Cotter (The Clinic) are both Cork natives - completing the cast with a distinct Munster flavor!

Indeed Mike Finn (our playwright extraordinaire) needs no introduction to Limerick audiences but it must be said how incredibly proud Bottom Dog are to be premiering Mike's new play in his hometown. He wouldn't want it any other way. It's dark, but incredibly funny. But one thing is for sure, the audience are going to have a very entertaining evening - with plenty of shocks along the way.

We have a first rate crew with Mike Burke at the production helm, and Amy Burke stage managing. With a fantastic set design by Emma Fisher who's work on The Fisherman's Son and Don Juan has been truly fantastic, an original score by Stephen Ryan (of Giveamanakick and Windings) and lighting by David O'Brien - we really have the complete package for all of you. So we hope to see as many of you over the 2 week run at the Belltable@36 Cecil Street from November 9th-21st. You can book now on 061 - 319 866.

Thanks for following the journey - keep watching!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Welcome everyone to Bottom Dog Theatre Company's newest addition - The Bottom Blog!

We hope to update you at least weekly with all that is new and exciting in the world of Bottom Dog. Also as we are about to start rehearsing our biggest production yet - The Revenger's Tragedy - we intend to have the cast and crew share some of their experiences of the upcoming rehearsal process and keep you informed to how things are progressing as we near opening night.

So keep an eye out for future updates including rehearsal pictures, video blogs and cast and crew insights exclusive to the Bottom Blog!

And we hope to see you all at The Revenger's Tragedy from November 9th - November 21st at the Belltable@36 Cecil Street. You can even book now on 061 - 319866.

Chat soon.

The Bottom Dogs